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Practicing sleep dentistry is affordable for your patients, convenient and profitable for you.

Why send your patients to another dentist or oral surgeon when you can perform the procedure in your own office? CAC dental anesthesia/sleep dentistry services allow you to keep your patients and the fees in-house. And because the procedures are done at your location, there’s no time spent away from your office, no instruments to forget, and no facility fees for your patients. In fact, every aspect of this service is beneficial to you and your patients. Our experience has shown that you will probably realize a marked increase in patient referrals once you advertise the use of sleep dentistry or dental anesthesia in your practice.

We treat your patients right.

We never lose sight of the fact that we’re representing your office, therefore we treat each patient with professional care and respect. We make the entire process as easy as possible. All patients are preoperatively evaluated and properly prepared for anesthesia by telephone. Unless the patient is over 60 or has evidence of co-existing diseases, typically no lab work is required. Our board certified anesthesiologists have extensive expertise in assessing the anesthetic considerations of coexisting medical problems and can schedule a pre-op visit or test several days prior to the procedure if necessary.

With hospital grade dental anesthesia services, you can now offer your pediatric patients a smooth, very comfortable, atraumatic mask induction of general anesthesia or intramuscular injection with general anesthetic agents depending upon patient type and the dental procedure being performed, followed by either a secured airway protection with naso-tracheal intubation or with careful gauze packing to the oropharngeal region with a rubber dam in place. In adult patients, sleep dentistry options include HGDA by inhalation, TIVA-GA and TIVA-sedation. For pediatric dental patients, hospital grade general anesthesia, with either naso-tracheal intubation or with oropharyngeal packing is used. With our anesthesia techniques, patients tend to emerge promptly after the procedure, and are usually discharged in about 30-45 minutes, feeling comfortable and pain free. Postoperative telephone checks are routinely performed after the first 24 hours. In the rare event of an undesirable anesthetic side effect, we are always available to your patient. We make sure the experience goes as smoothly as possible for everyone concerned.

Why use Coastal Anesthesia Consultants?

- It costs you nothing to use our services. All fees are arranged with the patient. Affordable payment options are available.

- No permit or facility certification is required, we have general anesthesia permits.

- Work uninterrupted for as long as you need to, your patients won’t move AT ALL. “It’s like working on a model”.

- Perform extended or multiple treatments in your office with improved patient safety. Now you can safely and easily manage pediatric, needle phobic, gaggers and debilitated patients under hospital grade dental anesthesia.

- All dental anesthesia services are provided by a board certified physician anesthesiologist with expertise in pediatric and ambulatory dental anesthesia.